I Claim My Magnificence!

Today I am ready to claim my magnificence! I know that I have a unique place on the planet and a unique contribution to make. I am in the process of becoming the masterpiece I was meant to be. In that process, I am willing to lovingly embrace ALL parts of myself. My masterpiece is already in consciousness, and now the brushstrokes of my life are filling it in. I feel vibrant, alive, enthusiastic, loving, and joyous! My joy is contagious. I support myself in my magnificent blossoming and I support others as well. I know that I am responsible for creating my life in the way I desire, and others are responsible for theirs.

My birthright is to enjoy harmonious relationships, unlimited prosperity, vibrant health, work that I love, and an abundance of happiness. I lovingly notice any limiting thoughts that are not in alignment with my birthright and gently weed them from my inner garden. I forgive the past, allow the present, and trust the future.

I am committed to claiming and expressing the magnificent being that I am!

© Patricia J. Crane, Ph.D., 2000. All rights reserved.
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