The HYL training went way beyond my expectations! Superbly organized. And such a pleasure to meet loving people from all over the world. – Laurie Rhines, CT

The HYL workshop leader training was one of the best investments I have made for myself. It has filled me with confidence to be able to go out into the world to inspire people to reach their true potential. Thank you, I am so grateful for this training. – Keysha Sailsman, Cayman Islands

Patricia and Rick created a brilliant training program. I feel very prepared and excited to go home and be a workshop leader. – Nancy Perlman, IL

This was the most profound experience and thorough training I have ever gone through. Patricia, Rick, and their awesome assistants were terrific. – Becca Friedman, NY

Transformational training! Loved every minute of it! – Philippe Slimbroeck, Belgium

One of the most amazing and insightful weeks of my life. – Ari Tomboulides, NY

This is the most inspiring workshop that I have ever attended. There was a great mixture of lecture, exercises, meditation, visualization, and fun. I had many insights. – Gloria Dickerson, MS

This is a transformational workshop unlike any other. It was well rounded in both teaching the philosophy and preparing me as a workshop leader. – Pamela Downey, FL

Wonderfully thought-out program. I enjoyed every minute of it and feel like I’m leaving with knowledge and experience to get me started leading workshops. – Sharon Rogalski, WI

Thanks to Rick and Patricia and their lovely staff. I highly recommend this training. – Renate Haukas, Norway

I came in not knowing what to expect and leave knowing myself better, healed in places I didn’t know were broken, and excited to share the love and healing I received. – Christina Charley, TN

I am totally prepared and supported for teaching HYL to others! – Victoria Holmes, Canada

This training met and even exceeded every expectation. It left me with a full heart, ready and willing to share in healing to heal lives. One my best life experiences! – Lorrie DeNiro, CA

The HYL training has been one of the best weeks of my life. I now know how to create abundance for myself and how to guide others to do the same. – Rimppi Rai, Canada

This training prepared me to deliver workshops as soon as I get home. This was the best training I ever had! (I will be back for the coach training.) – Brenda Fedorchuk, Canada

The HYL workshop leader training is incredible. It teaches you how to transform your life to a higher vibration and inspires you to share this light with others. It was very well-organized and thorough and taught by very loving people who walk the talk. Thank you! Namaste! – Catherine Dietz, CA

I came with high, happy expectations and leave with both. – Lucy Pieh, ME

Patricia & Rick are brilliant teachers and leaders. I feel ready and prepared to begin marketing and teaching others to love themselves and heal their lives! – Tracy Girard, Canada

Fabulous training! Thank you so much for giving me the tools to change my life and help others! – Cheryl DeVaul, NM

I feel ready to lead workshops! Thank you for the journey, I feel blessed. – Paulette Flamond, Canada

A wonderful training course which sets you up for success.  I love the quality and detail of the material provided, you can literally walk out of the training and hold a workshop the following day.
~ Rosa D’Acri, France~

I loved the Workshop Leadership Training.  I feel completely prepared to start my business.  Patricia and Rick have thought of everything.  Patricia and Rick and their assistants are extremely supportive.” ~Karen Wolfe, Utah~

The program is brilliant, well worth the money and time spent.  Well planned and well executed.  ~Adrienne Boyd RN, BSN, Indiana~

This experience was more that I ever could have imagined  In addition to the excellent training and confidence building exercises, there were so many gifts of love and joy.
~Margit Anderson, FL~

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is seeking personal development and who is looking for a more spirit filled life.  This course has opened doors for me that I could never have done on my own.  Thank-you!
~Dian Plumb, UK~

 This training week has been a wonderful life changing experience.  The teacher were highly experienced and truly inspirational.  I whole-heartedly recommend this training course.
~Nereko Lakwona~

I am going home a more positive self accepting person.  I take with me the tools to maintain this way of being and to help others as well as myself to live a fuller life and their true potential.
~Lorna Buckler, UK~

The course was deeply moving, inspirational, life changing, challenging, and empowering.  Patricia and her assistants were compassionate and motivating throughout, and I now feel ready to achieve my life purpose.  One course- one week- one incredible transformation.  Don’t miss this opportunity.
~Kailah Eglington, UK~

Patricia, Rick, and all of the conference assistants were excellent.  They were warm, welcoming, wise, encouraging, supportive, professional, and enthusiastic!
~Elaine Klym, Canada~

This is the best training I have attended and I have been to quite a few.  You have given me the knowledge and know-how to lead workshops.
~Kayley G. Reygan, UK~

What an amazing experience.  It’s a privilege to be able to grow in such a safe, loving and nurturing environment.           
~Nicole Lordan, Ireland~